Why are External Blinds better for my home?

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The hot weather that we are experiencing is a great way of understanding how External Shading can benefit your home. At this moment of time many of you may be feeling the heat, we have listed some benefits of applying External Solar Shading Systems to your windows and doors so that you can make an informative decision on protecting your home.


1. Effective Solar Heat Reduction

Glass is susceptible to conducting heat when the solar rays make contact, during this contact point the heat transfers and intensifies causing the internal temperature to rise. By applying an External Roller Blinds or External Roof Blinds to the exterior side of the glazing you can create a defence against the harmful solar rays as the advanced solar control fabric can deflect up to 96% of it making this the most effective way to reduce solar heat gain in your home.


2. Save on your Energy Bills

As we have already mentioned that the glazing is the main culprit to causing internal temperatures, without using External Window Blinds most people will be using fans and other cooling systems to try to reduce heat which isn’t going to look to healthy on the energy bills. By investing in Outdoor Blinds you can naturally reduce the temperature and save money on your energy bills.


3. Sensory Technology

Our innovative automated SMART Sun Blinds can come with optional sensors to keep your home and your blind system protected at all times. Our heat and light sensors will ensure that the blind will deploy as soon as it detects any rise in temperature leaving you to get on with the more important things whilst enjoying the cool comfort of your home.

With our wind and rain sensor technology you can be content in knowing that the fabric will retract back into the protective aluminium cassette as soon as the weather takes a turn.


4. No More Faded Furniture

If solar rays can be harmful to our skin then they can certainly cause harm to our furniture. When soft furnishings that are not designed to tackle the elements are exposed to the solar rays this is causing a slow detrimental effect which will only be noticed when the damage is already done. By deflecting the suns powerful rays using an External Roller Blind or Roof Blind you can protect your furniture from irreparable damage.

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If you would like to read more about the great benefits of our Exterior Blinds then head on over to our Shading Guide or watch our animated video. Alternatively you can speak to a knowledgeable member of our team who can assist you with answering more of your questions – 0344 800 1947


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