Why is my Conservatory so Hot?


Summer and conservatories are not a good combination, so what is the point in investing in one when they consist of a design flaw? They do offer an aesthetically pleasing look to the overall exterior design whilst flooding light into the internal space due to the heavily glazed design feature, but the glazing is what is causing the conservatory to be deemed useless during hot summer days.

How do we overcome this obstacle and eliminate the issue? We cannot take away the glass as this will defeat the objective of the conservatory, but we can protect the glass. You may be thinking interior blinds will solve the problem, yes they will help to a certain degree but to completely understand the effects of solar heat gain you need to understand the science as this will give you a clear indication that interior blinds are not the most efficient solar shading solution.

Glass is very susceptible to the sun’s energy, allowing short wave radiation to pass through into the internal property where it is absorbed into the household items which it then emits long wave radiation. It is the long wave radiation that causes overheating as it is unable to pass back through the glass only to increase the internal room temperature. By applying a roof blind or external window blind to the exterior side of the glass you can create a protective barrier to stop the short wave radiation making contact and causing the room to overheat as the fabric will absorb most of the sun’s energy.  Here is short animation from our Shading Guide explaining it all.

Now you can see why exterior blinds are the most efficient solar shading application, so if you already own a conservatory and you would like to regain your space this year then feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable advisers to discuss your requirements – 0344 800 1947 or alternatively you can use our quick enquiry form and we can send you a detailed product brochure highlighting the key benefits of our superior shading systems.

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