Winter is Coming

Winter, Snow, Cold

As summer slowly departs the morning dew and the chill in the air arrive to take us into autumn. Some may not like the idea of the colder seasons coming in to take over but it’s a force that is inevitable. We have to be prepared and start making maintenance checks on our homes and make the appropriate adaptations in order to get through the frosty days. We have created a small autumn checklist for you to get stuck into over September and make your home safe and ready for your family.


External Roller Blind, External Blinds, Sun Blinds

Check for Draughts on Windows and Doors

Single pane windows are a common heat loss factor, if you have the budget then we would suggest that you invest in some double glazing for your home to retain heat. Covering your windows with good quality blinds and curtains will benefit your household greatly as they will create another layer of insulation for your glass windows. If you want save yourself some serious money on your energy bills all year round then we would highly recommend that you apply exterior blinds as they are an innovative smart solution that is not only able to cool your home in the summer but trap the heat in the winter. Discover more on our Energy Saving Blogs.


Roof, Repair

Inspect the Roof

Light and gentle summer showers are enough to cause some minor damages to the roof and considering the wet summer that we have had in the U.K, it is certainly worth making a trip into the loft for a thorough inspection. A small leak in your roof can very quickly turn into a large scale disaster that would not be ideal to fix over the colder months. By being smart and prepared you will have saved your family from getting cold.


Water Pipes

Insulate your Water Tank and Pipes

By insulating your water tank and pipes you will be able to keep your water supply at a warmer level, meaning you will not have to use more energy heating up colder water. You can pick up the essential items yourself and start applying it straight away. No need to mess about calling in professionals, save money straight away.


Outdoor Furniture

Clear Away the Summer Garden and Scrub Down the Decking/Patio

It’s time start covering up the BBQ’s and outdoor furniture so that it does not get damaged by the rain and wind. If you have decking then it would be a good idea to sand down any cracks and chips and reseal to protect it over the cold seasons. If you have a patio then get a power washer on it so it’s nice and fresh.



Don’t Forget about the Boiler

Make sure you get your boiler serviced if you haven’t done so already. This expensive machine is the heart of the home that keeps everyone alive, warm and happy. Treat it nice and it will treat you nice because the last thing you want is this little baby breaking down on you in the middle of winter because it will be hard to get someone out and it will cost you an arm and a leg to get it repaired.


These are just a few of many checks that you can make to maintain your household. Keep your home in order and you will see through the seasons with a breeze. If you would like more advice on SMART window solutions and how they can save you money this Autumn/Winter then call one of our experts for a friendly chat – 0344 800 1947

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