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BlogCovid-19 is a subject that is not going to disappear for a long while yet and it is something we are going to have to get used to hearing a lot of. It has certainly shaken things up across the world, making us reassess our current routines and habits for our own safety. The economy has taken a hit with businesses being affected globally by this pandemic.  

In order to survive we need to adapt; many UK businesses have already been adjusting to the ‘Working from Home’ lifestyle, with Zoom meetings becoming the new norm whilst sporting the casual look. The home has become the new office but is your home comfortable enough to work from? Some of us may not be blessed with a luxury garden office but there are ways that you can implement home improvements to make your home working life easier so that you can become more productive in your role. 

We’ve had a great streak of sunshine this year and now that more and more people are home during the day it is unveiling some underlying issues that is causing an uncomfortable atmosphere and disrupting workflowsWorkstations that are situated in the south facing parts of the home will suffer the most from overheating if there are no adequate shading solutions in place to protect the home from the sun’s intense heat. To find an effective solution you need to understand how the issue of overheating is caused, which is demonstrated in our Shading Guide video below:

As demonstrated in the video applying a layer of shading to the outside of the glass in the guise of an external blind will keep your home climate balanced ensuring a healthy living and working space without having to rely on energy hungry, costly air conditioning systems or noisy fans. Our range of Patio Awnings can also effectively protect your glazed areas and the bonus of this shading solution is that you also gain a shaded outdoor living area, giving you the option to work outside too.BlogIf you would like to find out more information on how we can help you improve your home with our superior shading solutions to create a healthier working space, then contact one of our advisers today on 0344 800 1947 or alternatively you can quickly request a guide price using our price enquiry form. 

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