The Importance of Blinds For A Good Sleep

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Although we are still officially in Spring it really is starting to feel like Summer this week. During the week most of us have experienced the common issues that come with the intense suns rays – this weeks warm up is a chance to see and solve those problems before the real heat sets in.

Sleep is a vital part of our lives and we need a sufficient number of hours to ensure a productive day. This is is why it is important to create the perfect atmosphere; this includes maintaining the right room temperature. As the night draws in the external temperature drops and the internal space is just perfect. When we sleep our body heat decreases to initiate sleep, which is why a lowered room temperature helps to maintain this.

If however you are in an east facing room then sleep may be frustrating at times. As the night sets in you may be very quick to doze off, as the internal environment is ideal to fall into a dream state. When the sun starts to rise you may find your sleep cut short due to the room being affected by unwanted solar heat gain. This will cause the room to increase in heat and cause you to sweat and wake up on the wrong side of the bed thus affecting the rest of your day.

You have probably thought that opening up the windows will help with this situation? Yes, this will circulate the air slightly but this will not completely solve the issue as the solar rays are still filtering through. You may also be considering internal blinds to deflect those rays, but these blinds do not directly deter heat as the rays are still penetrating the glass windows. Glass magnifies the heat greatly, so unless you prevent the heat from the outside you will not be getting the nicest wake up call you deserve.

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Integrating External Roller Blinds to your windows will instantly prevent unwanted solar radiation. Creating this first line of defence with a Caribbean Blinds innovative external shading product can block upto 96% of the early morning heat, maintaining a cool internal temperature. Our smart window treatments can also come fitted with heat and light sensors that will activate the blind automatically, positioning them based on your preferences. Using our latest TaHoma Smart Hub you can even set scenes for the blinds at different times of the day to ensure that you have cool rooms when you need.

Maximise your productivity and treat your windows with our smart external blinds. Call one of our knowledgeable sales team to discuss your requirements on 0344 800 1947. If you would like to receive our full product catalogue which provides the features and benefits of our extensive range of innovative shading solutions then fill out our quick enquiry form here.

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