All Year Round Awnings

Patio Awning | Single Storey | Caribbean BlindsThe outdoor living trend has continued to rise year on year in the UK but this year with lockdown, we have realised the importance of our outdoor space, which has caused a surge in demand for canopies and awnings, to help create dedicated outdoor living areas to relax and revitalise in the shade.

The wetter months of the year are upon us and homeowners may be a little less inclined to venture outdoors as their space may not be adequately equipped to shelter from the rain and breezes. At Caribbean Blinds we manufacture products that surpass the typical expectations as a summer shading solution, providing that much needed shelter and warmth from the elements during the less clement months of the year.Patio Awning | Single Storey | Caribbean Blinds | Features | All Weather

Retractable electric awnings are often associated with the warmer seasons of the year but our top of the range, stylish Cuba patio awning has been engineered for all year-round use. The construction of this modern garden awning is what sets it apart from the competition; it features  powerful folding arms that utilise drop forged joints, allowing the awning to withstand continuous windspeeds of Beaufort 6, for extra piece of mind our awnings are fitted with a vibration sensor (optional) for when the winds get a tad too strong. Within the arms are quadruple tear resistant sheathed stainless-steel cables, that tension two double coiled hi-tensile springs keeping the fabric taught at every position and ensuring the rain* runs effortlessly off the awning fabric. Combine that with the nano-tech solution intertwined within each strand of the fabric, any loose dirt or debris will wash straight off, keeping the fabric looking fresh all the time. The CBA (Clean Brilliant Acrylic) awning fabric we use is exclusive to Caribbean Blinds in the UK, with each fibre solution dyed through to the core, meaning the fabric will not fade over time, keeping its colour.Patio Awning | Single Storey | Caribbean Blinds | LED Lighting | EveningOptional all-weather features can be added to the Cuba awning to make it useable in all seasons. Ambient LED lighting can be integrated to the underside of the robust aluminium cassette casing, lighting the space beneath, whilst energy efficient infra-red heaters with low glare elements will provide instant warmth on those chillier evenings.Patio Awning | Single Storey | Caribbean Blinds | Garden Furniture | Patio | Terrace

Style combined with clever engineering; this Cuba awning is the perfect retractable outdoor living package to help you make the most of your garden terrace no matter the weather. Contact one of our advisers to discuss your requirements on 0344 800 1947 or alternatively you can request a guide price using our quick and simple estimate form.


*subject to 14 degree pitch, required for rain water run off as set out in European Standard EN13561

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