Don’t Get Caught in the Wind with your Awning

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It’s that time of year where the weather is against us making it hard to judge the day and dress accordingly. Is it going to rain? Is it going to snow? And sometimes the winter sun makes an occasional appearance to throw us right off. It is always good to be prepared and plan ahead, equipping yourself with an umbrella or have the appropriate amount of layers on, but the world is not as perfect as that. The unpredictable British weather can take a sudden turn and have you caught in what feels like the middle of a wind tunnel. Wind can be a disastrous force and it should not be reckoned with, it can take down trees and the tiles on your roof, it can create monstrous waves destructing and eroding the coast lines. If Mother Nature can take down such strong and solid objects it will cause damage to exposed external shading solutions, in particular retractable folding arm awnings.

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At Caribbean Blinds, our awnings are made from super robust extruded aluminium and equipped with double coiled spring folding arms tensioned via upto 4 tear resistant sheathed stainless steel cables, making them extremely resilient, much stronger than other awnings on the market, they are able to withstand, subject to model, wind speeds of Beaufort 6.

Awning, Awnings, Patio Awnings, Garden Awnings

Whilst our awnings are of a heavy duty nature, in severe winds they will still need to be retracted to keep them safe, tucked away inside their protective cassette casing. If you are out, whilst your awning is out and the winds pick up, thanks to a clever wind detection sensor mounted as standard to the underside of the leadrail (front profile) of your awning, it will retract itself back into the safety of its cassette casing. This simple safety feature keeps looking after your investment whilst you are not there.

Caribbean Blinds, Awning, Awnings, Patio Awning, Garden Awning, Outdoor Awning, Garden Awning, Smart Technology, Technology, Somfy

Additionally you can link our awnings to a SMART Home Hub that allows you to control your awning from wherever you have Wi-Fi via an app on your tablet or smart phone anywhere in the world.

At Caribbean Blinds we are dedicated to equipping our external shading systems with the latest, sophisticated technology to ensure maximum ease of use and ultimately enjoyment, whether it be energy saving or lifestyle from our products. Browse the vast array of information on this website to find out more about our products.

Want to see what goes into producing the strongest UK awnings – take a look in our behind the scenes video.

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