Hanging Chairs

Hanging chairs are starting to become a common feature in many gardens across the United Kingdom and we can see why. They are a stylistic option that can make your garden design stand out and most of all they are super relaxing when you are in the swing of it. There is something about slowly swaying that can really help to calm the mind and unwind which is why they are frequently used as reading spots. We love them and we want to show you the varied styles that are on offer.

Hanging Chair, Garden, Garden Furniture, Chair

The Lyra Garden Hanging Chair£449.00

This standalone retro design piece is made from a woven poly rattan which gives it this stunning bamboo effect. The woven pattern detail is remarkable and it is fully waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in our British climate. We can see this hanging chair placed in a secluded corner of a garden that is surrounded by lots of tall green plants and colourful flowers. You can buy this as a single unit or even add the full furniture collection.

Hanging Chair, Garden. Garden Furniture, Hammock

The Hammock Hanging Chair

The hammock style hanging chair has a more free feeling to it, it is not restricted on its level of cosiness as is does not possess any hard lined edges, it’s just made from soft weatherproof fabric that will shape around you creating a pit of effortlessness. These can be hung anywhere but the ideal place would be on a tree, if you are lucky enough to have a sturdy one in your garden. The best thing about these types of hanging chairs is you can pick them up at an affordable price. Take a look on Wayfair and you will see for yourself.

Hanging Chair, Garden Furniture, Furniture

The Cox & Cox Double Hanging Chair£675.00

This double design was inspired by Cox & Cox’s best selling single hanging chair, its woven rattan design is UV proof and the metal framework has been treated with an anti-rust coating but if you are still reluctant to leave it outside during the winter then it designed to take inside too. This furniture piece has been made last and that is reflected in the price.

Hanging Chair, Pergola, Awning, Garden Furniture, Furniture

The Classic Hanging Chair

At our Caribbean Blinds show garden we had just recently added a new product to our luxurious range of outdoor living products. The Puerto Rico Pergola Awning is a fantastic shading haven in the sun and we thought we would add a hanging chair into its space. We opted for the classic woven rattan egg style and added our own tropical themed weatherproof cushions to bring out the colour and it really does work. What are your thoughts?

Hanging Chair, Pergola, Awning, Garden Furniture, Furniture

If you would like to receive some more information on our fantastic range of external shading and outdoor living product then feel free to leave your details using our quick enquiry form and you will receive your FREE product brochure in the post.

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