Keep Bugs At Bay This Summer

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With July just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to plan picnics, camping trips and garden parties to make the most of The Great Outdoors. This said, irritating ants, flies, mosquitoes and stinging insects are all at their most energetic during the Summer months, threatening to ruin your outside enjoyment. Make a stand against pesky bugs this Summer with our top ten tips, enabling you to soak up the sunshine bug-free.

1. Drain Standing Water:
Mosquitoes only need about ½ inch of water to breed. Drain any excess water from the likes of flowerpots, birdbaths and grill-covers to effectively avoid a mosquito-breeding ground.

2. Use Plastic Cups:
Aluminium cans and plastic bottles provide an ideal place for stinging insects to hide. Encourage family members and visitors to pour their drinks into plastic cups to avoid a nasty surprise.

3. Clean Up:
Bugs are instinctively drawn to any spills or crumbs, so by keeping surfaces spick and span you can discourage their presence.

4. Avoid Scented Candles:
Whilst candles create a lovely calming ambience during Summer evenings, their scent will often attract bugs and flies. Instead, opt for scent-free candles to keep bugs at bay.

5. Choose Citronella:
When using garden torches, choose to burn Citronella oil as it has been proven to successfully repel mosquitos and other insects with its citrus scent. 

6. De-Clutter:
Bugs love to hide in clutter and amongst surplus objects. Be sure to keep surfaces as clear as possible to avoid a bug breeding ground. 

7. Invest In A Fan:
Placing a small electric fan on your outdoor table successfully detracts mosquitoes as they can’t fly into the wind, leaving you to dine in peace.

8. Keep Rubbish Covered:
Ensure trash cans are kept securely covered to prevent bugs from inhabiting your bin.

9. Cut The Grass:
Making sure the grass is cut regularly stops adult mosquitos from lurking in your lawn so you can wander worry-free.

10. Use Bug Prevention Spray:
If all else fails, an insect repellent spray is the quickest way to guard yourself and your family against mosquitos, midgets and other nasty biting insects this Summer.

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