Self-Watering Pots & Planters Guide

Watering the plants is one of the most important yet commonly loathed garden chores, only heightened during the Summer when plants require more hydration than usual. This can seem a relentless task for those with increasingly busy lifestyles, let alone a huge inconvenience if you're jetting off on holiday this Summer.

This said, self-watering systems effectively solve this age-old dilemma and significantly decrease the demand for watering, from daily to as little as once a week.

Furthermore, self-watering containers save water, since the water that isn't used immediately by your plant can be stored for later, making them both eco-friendly and highly practical. They also provide your plants with the perfect quantity of hydration for optimum growth, so they're ideal for those prone to drowning their plants one day and forgetting to water them for the remainder of the week!

These clever containers operate on a 'reservoir system,' with a large storage tank, usually at the bottom of the container, that you fill when necessary. There is also an overflow hole, so any excess water simply drains away. The soil then soaks up the water from the bottom of the container, providing your plants with a consistent level of moisture that's delivered directly to the roots for happy, healthy plants.

Here are our top three stylish yet practical self-watering planters so you can rest assured your plants will flourish all Summer long: 

1. Available in a range of colours to compliment the aesthetics of your home, this contemporary trough planter, with the option of either a gloss or matt finish, effortlessly adds a modern feel to any kitchen or windowsill. Click here to find out more. 

2. If you're looking for an elegant self-watering planter suitable for both contemporary and more traditional plants, this striking indoor container is an excellent choice. Click here to find out more. 

3. This vibrant range of planters are light-weight, UV resistant and frost-proof so they're ideal for withstanding the elements. Complete with an integrated water level indicator to ensure you keep water levels topped-up, we think this container would look especially stylish alongside one of our contemporary patio awnings. Click here to find out more. 

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