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'A Neat Installation'

The difference our own surveyors and installers make

“We are very pleased with the blinds and the neatness of the installation.”

The above feedback was received immediately post installation of 9 of our automatic external roller blinds to the West elevation windows of the above property in Wiltshire, that were specified to resolve the overheating the client had experienced the previous summer in their new build property, where temperatures had soared to 38 degrees centigrade.

By employing all our own staff, from surveyors right through to installers, all who are dedicated to the field of exterior solar shading, you are assured of the highest level of attention to even the smallest of details, ensuring that not only will you have the right solution for your application and requirements but that it will be designed blend seamlessly and become as integral a part of your property as possible and will be perfectly measured and precisely installed to guarantee a perfect fit and look.

So not only do our external blinds keep your property cool no matter how intense the suns rays by stopping the heat rays before they even reach the glazing, they look sensational doing it and become a striking new feature of your property.