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How To: Enhance Aluminium Windows

Let the light in with External Roller Blinds!

External Roller Blinds Window

We've recently seen a rising number of homeowners choosing to give their home a sleek, modern makeover with the addition of stylish Aluminium windows. As well as looking the part, Aluminium windows offer a host of benefits, from impressive durability with long-lasting colour to a larger glass area to allow the maximum amount of light into the property.

However, whilst the flooding of light creates a living space with a highly-desirable light and airy feel, this excess light can cause the internal temperature to rise considerably, creating a potentially unusable living space. This said, our contemporary external roller blinds effectively stop the sun’s energy from reaching the glazing, preventing overheating in the Summer whilst eradicating glare all year round.

External Roller Blinds Window

Attached normally to the outer mullions of the window and featuring an aluminium framework finished in any RAL colour, our external blinds are the perfect shading accompaniment to aluminium windows, achieving a natural and seamless extension to the window frame.

With an extensive range of materials to choose from, we have a colourway and design to suit all, with fabrics available in a mesh, perforated version that maintains the view through from inside to out or a solid finish, that offers complete privacy and blackout – ideal for home cinema rooms and bedrooms.

What’s more, external blinds don’t clutter the inside window recess, ensuring a clean, contemporary look in-keeping with Aluminium windows.

If you’d like to receive free expert advice from the UK’s leading family owned designer, manufacturer and installer of innovative external blinds, phone us today on 0344 800 1947 and one of our specialists will be happy to discuss your requirements in greater detail. Additionally, you can see our state-of-the-art blinds in action next week at Grand Designs Live on stand G358.