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Keep Cool With Smart Shading

Happy home, happy planet!

External Roof Blinds

When you think about altering your home's design, chances are you probably don't think about how it can affect the planet. With costs and other practical considerations to bear in mind, it's unlikely that environmental impact is a top priority- and you're not alone. Despite our growing awareness of global warming and the importance of leading a greener lifestyle, according to National Geographic's Greendex Survey, people's consumption habits are slower to come to fruition. 

This isn't helped by the common misconception that green home improvements are both inconvenient and impractical, but this needn't be the case. In fact, there's plenty of little tweaks you can make to your home renovation project that can make a notable difference, allowing you to improve your property whilst keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum. 

An undeniably big factor when it comes to eco-friendly home design is energy conservation. Despite their costs, the world remains heavily dependent on fossil fuels to produce energy and although clean energy is not universally available, we can still do our bit by lessening consumption. 

External Roller Blinds

For example, if you live somewhere which receives an abundance of bright sunlight, consider installing external roller blinds or external roof blinds to eradicate your dependance on air conditioning. By stopping the sun’s energy even reaching the glazing, our innovative external blinds are the most effective way to manage the entry of solar heat and light, preventing overheating in the Summer whilst eradicating glare all year round, to deliver a passively cooled and naturally lit space.  

Furthermore, unlike interior blinds, our external screens do not sacrifice the open, airy feeling provided by glazing, allowing occupants to enjoy the outside view whilst experiencing much more comfortable interior temperatures.

External Roller Blind

In fact, external blinds are so effective at blocking unwanted solar heat gain that air conditioning units of any description are typically superfluous, offering an innovative and economical solution in the fight against climate change. Having installed external blinds on thousands of buildings, including the offices of top architectural practice AHMM and England’s first certified Passivhaus, we offer an unsurpassed experience when it comes to delivering the correct external shading solution for every application, requirement and budget. If you'd like to find out more, click here to complete our quick enquiry form.