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Privacy is Key

Is your home open to prying eyes?

External Roller Blinds, Blinds, Fabric, Caribbean Blinds

Our home is a place of relaxation, a retreat to block out the world outside so that we can enjoy our time with our loved ones. After a hard day’s work we look forward to getting home for that hot scrumptious dinner or sink into the sofa and read a book. Whatever we do in our own time we want it to be ours which means privacy is key.

Windows are an integral part to the architectural design of a building, they filter through natural light to enhance the internal aesthetics, without them we would be drowned in darkness and they would create a moody unwelcoming atmosphere. Unless you are a passionate film photographer then this is not an ideal scenario. As great as windows are for lighting up the interior we still require our privacy, which is where SMART window treatments come into play.

External Roller Blinds are a long term investment opportunity that will provide you with the solitude you desire and save money on you energy bills. As oppose to your common choice of fabric curtains or interior blinds, these will need maintaining and will often clutter the interior design of the home. Exterior blinds will sit discreetly on the external façade ready for use, they can deploy at an instance using a remote to initiate its electric motor, once the fabric is down this will deflect the light and any prying eyes from looking into the home

External Roller Blinds, Blinds, Twilight Fabric, Fabric, OrangeExternal Roller Blind, Blinds, Orange, Caribbean Blinds, Twilight, Fabric

Depending on your lifestyle there are two specially designed exterior blind fabrics that will provide you with privacy, if you are looking for a shading product that will retain partial visibility as well then our new range of fabric from the Twilight Collection will be the perfect fit with a 3% openness. This premium polyester mesh material has been specifically engineered to filter up to 20.94% of light, allowing you to enhance the light in your internal space and retain privacy at the same time.

External Roller Blind, Blinds, Black Out, Caribbean Blinds, PVC, FabricCaribbean Blinds, External Roller Blind, Blind, PVC, Fabric

If however you would like complete seclusion from the external environment then our finest PVC coated polyester material has just the qualities you require, the material has been designed to eliminate any light from sieving through, with a 0% light transmission you can trust this material to provide you with a safe and secure home.

If you would like to see our products in action then visit our Show Site & Shading Experience Centre, our shading experts will guide you through and advise you on all the benefits that come with all our solar shading smart window solutions. Contact us now to arrange a visit – 0344 800 1947