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Ready To Be Put Through Their Paces

Sewing machines ready for top summer performance

Modern, state of the art machinery plays a key role in producing the finest exterior solar shading solutions available, along with our expert shading technicians of course who are the very best in the field. Just like a quality car, all our machinery requires servicing (which is undertaken yearly) to ensure they continue to run and perform correctly.

To ensure our machines are in tip top shape for the ‘busy’ season which normally runs between Easter to August bank holiday when the weather is at its best (although this year the season has started early), the servicing of our machines is carried out several weeks prior (ie now) to ensure they run smoothly without hitch during the busy summer months.

Our confectioning machinery, which includes an automatic ultrasonic cutting table (that measures, cuts and seals the sliced edge of the fabric all at once) and 2no. automatic sewing machines that join, hem and pocket our materials (even putting the insert in that allows the fabrics to attach to the barrel in the blinds) have just been serviced by the manufacturers (with the engineer being flown in specially from Switzerland, yes these are hi-tech machines) and are in full working order, ready to produce the 1,000’s of made up covers to perfection that they will need to during our busy period which is set to be even busier than usual thanks to the above average temperatures that are likely to continue for a minimum of the next 3 months according to the MET office.