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Spring Has Sprung

Are you making steps to prep?

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We are only a few days away till the British Spring is officially here and already we have been teased with warmer weather. The busy morning commutes seem more bearable as the gradual sun rise boosts morale, setting you up for a productive day. After enduring some very cold months, it is natural for us to be eager to soak up the benefits the season has to offer.

Spring represents hope and growth and it is bountiful in many ways. It gives us an array of seasonal local produce, even the chance to grow your own. A vital opportunity arises to top up on the natural Vitamin D that our bodies require from the sun. We become healthier as we are drawn outside, spending time going for long country walks, gentle jogs in the park or completing those outdoor chores that could not be achieved through the winter. Spring is a time for cleansing and starting fresh.

Patio, Algae, Pressure Wash, Boots

The garden is usually the first task at hand after being neglected for months. The patio has been building algae, weeds have started to make a home and the fence has taken some damage from those windy days.  It is time to start prepping your outdoor living space, ready to be used for all those social occasions and leisure time.

Now is the perfect opportunity to add a new feature to your exterior space to enhance your lifestyle, as the warm weather provides the right conditions to start implementing new design ideas. As spring sets, the business for landscapers, builder and gardeners will start increase as people are eager to transform their outdoor space ready for Easter and the summer months ahead.

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof, Outdoor Living

Integrating one of our innovative Outdoor Living Pods™ in to your external space is a great way to give your garden the spring face lift it needs. Its remote controlled rotating louvered roof system brings a new dynamic to outdoor living providing you with precise sun control and ventilation to your terrace. The structure is a rust free aluminum frame which can be powder coated to a colour that will contrast well with the rest of the exterior design. With additional options of infrared heaters and side screens you will not feel a chilly day under this waterproof cover.

Call one of our shading experts and arrange a free consultation to discuss how we can transform your exterior space with one our Award Winning Outdoor Living Pod™ - 0344 800 1947 or find out more information on the product under this link: