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Yesterday was a particularly hot day in most parts of the country and it is safe to say that many of us may have experienced some internal heat issues in the home which would have caused some unwanted discomfort. The fans were probably on full blast and windows wide open to try and catch a slight light breeze to cool us down, it sounds like a lot of effort to us.

Most buildings integrate glazing into the design and this is the main cause of overheating issues. As aesthetically pleasing and convenient as windows are they are vulnerable to solar radiation penetrating to the internal space causing the temperature to rise and in some cases cause damage to the interior furnishings. When solar rays make contact with the glass this magnifies its power, so how can we combat this and prevent the atmosphere from becoming uncomfortable?

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External blinds are the primary SMART window application that will act as the first defence against the suns beams. By applying the external roller blinds and roof blinds to the exterior side of the glazing you are creating a blocking mechanism that will deflect any light/heat trying to filter through to your internal space, by doing this it will reduce the temperature to a cool and relaxing state. Outdoor roller blinds are you ideal home shading system that will help to tackle heat issues, an investment worth making which will save you money on your energy bills.

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Patio awnings are another external shading system that can also aid in the prevention of solar heat gain, with the right pitch you can create a shaded space over your glazing keeping the glass cool and away from the sun. The bonus with applying a garden awning is this becomes a great patio décor piece that can be enjoyed on a nice summers day with friends and family, add a BBQ and an outdoor dining set and you have yourself the perfect outdoor living retreat.

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