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Spending time in the great outdoors has been proven to be beneficial to our health but most of us are cooped up inside surrounded by artificial lighting and then left wondering why we feel so tired. We use the term ‘get some fresh air’ when we are feeling stressed, contained or down but once we do retreat outdoors it rejuvenates us as the natural light and fresh oxygen comes into play, making us more alert, productive and feeling more positive. 

So what can we do to enhance our lifestyle and make us more inclined to relax and work outside? Our garden space is our one private outdoor area that can be transformed into a secluded retreat with a tranquil atmosphere that will help to unwind the mind. Creating an outdoor living space is one way of improving your standard of living as this will create an extension of your home into the natural environment. Not only is this going to transform the way that you live but this will also develop the overall functionality of your home at the same time as increasing the value. We are going to lightly touch on two of our innovative outdoor living solutions that could open up you patio or garden space to a whole new dimension.

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A patio awning has been a popular shading solution that has been used for many years and it has seen some major advancements since its early days. Our contemporary folding arm awning is an incredible way of creating a shaded space over a table top area or loungers. The feature that makes this product attractive as an outdoor living solution is that once you are finished indulging in the fresh air you can simply retract the blind with a simple press of a button, giving you an outdoor living space whenever you needed.

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof

If you have money to invest into your home and garden then our Outdoor Living Pod™ is a great way of creating a permanent second living space that will have the whole family enjoying the fresh air. This all-weather proof louvered roof system is a multi-purpose feature that can be used for many occasions, from Jacuzzis to alfresco dining. The louvers are electronically operated to give you precise sun control, with infra-red heaters mounted on the side beams and side screens for privacy, this is a flawless contemporary outdoor living solution that will transform your lifestyle and improve your health.

Our products have been designed and manufactured to provide you with sun, shade and shelter so that you can enjoy your time in your garden space taking in the natural air and absorbing that essential Vitamin D so that you can live a healthier lifestyle. We have a vast range of products and fabrics that will benefit you, call one of our experts today and find out more – 0344 800 1947


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