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External blinds on modern extension.

Where There Is Glazing, There Is a Need for Shading

More and more new homes are being designed and built with large expanses of glass such as skylights, panoramic windows and sliding/bi-folding doors. Although these features help create a feeling of endless space by flooding a room with natural light, the combination of extensive glazing, high levels of insulation…

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Patio Awning shading garden furniture.

Sun Awareness Week 2023 – Staying Safe in the Sun With Shading

Sun Awareness Week is back for another year – a dedicated event that takes place every May to raise awareness about skin cancer and the importance of sun safety. As we approach the summer months, it’s a timely reminder to prioritise our skin’s health and take measures to protect…

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Louvered Roof | Outdoor Living Pod | Pergola | Canopy

Love Your Garden All Year Round

As we wave goodbye to the British summer and welcome the cooler weather, outdoor pop up gazebos and brollies will no longer suffice – steps need to be taken to ensure that we can fully maximise the use of outdoor spaces as we transition into autumn & winter.

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The Benefits & Importance of Manufacturing in the UK

As the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world employing 2.7 million people, UK manufacturing contributes 11% of GVA (Gross Value Added).   As the long-term effects of COVID-19 continue to impact global manufacturing, it’s no surprise that some UK manufacturers are noticing…

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Overheating Building | Top 5 Questions

Top 5 Overheating Building Questions Answered

It’s been a hot Summer and with all this heat comes the popular questions we get asked regarding overheating (and how to prevent it). Listed below are the top 5 questions answered to help keep you cool during the heatwaves. My…

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How to Make the Most of a Small Garden

Having a limited outdoor space does not mean you should be limited to what you can do with it. Although small gardens may require a little more thought in terms of design and layout, they come with plenty of advantages.    Whether you’ve got a small courtyard,…

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